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Parents' Workshop (or Parent coffee talk) is a friendly time where a small group of parents can share their experiences, concerns, and questions over a coffee, helped by one or more professionals. How does it work?

The objective of the workshop is to: 

  • Discuss and exchange experiences with professionals' input to help you enhance and strengthen your parenting skills.

  • Address parenting in the light of neuroscience to better understand children and their behaviours.

  • Provide a space for free speech that allows the expression of what cannot be said elsewhere. 

  • Learn about preventing crises and relationship break-ups.


How does it work?


By using stories, games, activities, and role-playing will give the children / teenagers the tools they need to comprehend their actions and responses.

Below is a list of the workshops: 

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Emotional regulation.

  • Motivation

  • Stronger leadership qualities

  • Better coping in times of stress

  • Solving problems skills 

  • Integrity  and Self responsibility 

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Examples of topics for Parents' Workshops

Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics covered:

  • "Understanding the brain of your child to comprehend their behaviour better."

  • "Set limits for your child: should you say no to your child, and how to say no?"

  • "The place of emotions in child development: Understanding emotions to better manage them."

  • "Children's motivation."

  • "When my child disappoints me: real child versus imaginary child."

  • "Self-esteem and self-confidence."

  • "The children's attention and focus."

  • "The Role of Play in Learning"

  • "How to manage your child's crisis with kindness"

  • "Develop the child's curiosity"

  • "My Child and Others: Social Skills and Friendship"

  • "Respect or Obey"

  • "Develop children's creativity"

  • "Separation, divorce: what to say to children?"

  • "Teens, pre-teens, Understanding the new challenge."

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