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My mission as a coach

As parents, we face a series of challenges. Usually, we can take these in our stride, but there are times when we are too emotionally involved and incapable of taking a step back.

This is when an outside view and expertise can benefit you and your child.

The reason for seeking support from a parenting coach can be as unique as you are. Whatever your struggles, they deserve to be heard and addressed.

The parenting coach supports your children/teenagers on different issues, such as schooling, self-esteem, relationships with others, peer pressure, managing the changes, self-responsibility…

The parenting coach guides you to recognise your areas of weakness or difficulty from the perspective of a professional third party.

The parenting coach can help you transform misunderstandings and conflicts into connections and cooperation.

Happy Mother's Day
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Do I need a parenting coach?

You are here, on my website, reading and wondering if you need a parental coach for you and your child or teenager.

Well, you are in the right place! If you are a parent who: 

  • Needs a moment of respite, 

  • Needs to be heard

  • Needs someone to share your difficulties with.

Here are some examples.

For you as a parent:

  • You feel that you are losing connection with your child.

  • You feel that communication gives way to arguments.

  • You find it difficult to manage the intense emotions of your children and, therefore, your own.

  • You have difficulty consoling a child who has nightmares, wets the bed or experiences separation anxiety.

  • You have difficulty helping your child make friends and feel helpless.

  • You struggle to deal with bullying — whether your child is the bully or he is being bullied

  • You have difficulty accompanying your child through emotional struggles like low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, resistance to change and adaptation...

For your child or  teenager who maybe 

  • is struggling with academic pressures and doubts his abilities 

  • is worried about having friends 

  • battle anxiety. 

  • suffers from low self-esteem.

  • is losing interest and he's facing a lack of motivation.

  • is struggling to manage his emotions. 

  • Is struggling to focus 

  • Is worried about changes ( new school, country, divorce…)  and struggles to manage them. 

How it works?

The interview takes place with you or your child, in person or by zoom, depending on your choice.

The first session should take place face to face.
define a goal that will be your or your child's project.

A parenting coach trained in psychology helps you manage  stress, identify problems and find effective strategies.

A coach invites you to discover that parenthood can be just as important for you as it is for your children. 

The coach works with you to help identify and set goals for the future. Their mission is to establish and implement various actions to achieve pre-defined objectives.


Some inspiring quotes...

“ When it comes to coaching for children, the best person for the job is almost always the parents. “


“ A parenting coach doesn’t pretend to have a one-size-fits-all answer for every family’s unique situation. To the contrary, they’ll work with you to help you discover your own best way to parent. They’re there to help you find peace – not to tell you what to do. “ 

(Jai Institute)

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