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Meet Maria

I am a parent seeking love and connection, just like you! 

As a mother, I continually try to keep learning and improving, because parenting is an ongoing learning process. 

Am I the perfect parent? No. But I've learned many skills to ease the way on this conscious parenting path. 

My professional life is rich and made up of many experiences in different countries, all sources of discoveries and encounters.

For the last 20 years, my core ambition has been to built the strongest foundation of education and learning  for the next generation.

My experience

I spent 20 years working in Education as teacher, trainer and school principal.

I first found my passion for teaching older children (13 yo) and then transitioned to Primary (6 to 10 yo) and finally Early Childhood (2 to 6 yo), which I find, is the most beautiful age. 

After working in Africa at the Lycée Louis Massignon in Casablanca and then in Australia at the Lycée Franco-Australien, Canberra, I moved to Asia

My first contact with Singapore was as a coach for an AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) training program offered in the area. Thereafter, I had the pleasure of co-facilitating the “Innovative Practices in Kindergarten” training session at the Lycée Français in Singapore and Australia – initially with the Canberra team, then the Melbourne team.


From 2015 until 2022, I worked for La Petite Ecole group, firstly as School Principal at La Petite Ecole in Singapore, then in 2019, I became the Pedagogical Director of the group across the entirety of South-East Asia. I devoted myself exclusively to the management of La Petite Ecole group, not only by directly supporting the teams I managed but also by fulfilling their needs to ensure the smooth functioning of the four regional establishments at every level. 

Throughout these experiences, I took the opportunity to share and reflect upon my views regarding the direct contribution of neuroscience and its respective impact on the daily practices of educational teams, engaging my colleagues and respective peers.


A new path!

As this fabulous experience ends, so another begins...

I have created a company "Mindful Coaching & Consulting", my new baby!

I am changing my role but not my passion.

“Mindful coaching & consulting" will allow me to continue to support parents and educators in their parenting and educational missions.

As a parenting coach, I help parents define how they want their relationships with their children to be and offer them the tools to create a deeper and more fulfilling connection with their families.
As a consultant, I will continue to design and implement teaching and development plans for schools, shaping how teams and individuals work together through training and coaching.

As an author, I enjoy writing because it frees up one’s thoughts.
Writing is sharing one's understanding of the world and one's convictions.
Writing is putting down one’s emotions on paper and expressing oneself.
As a new author, I wanted to use my words to inspire children and their parents. I write about subjects that beneficially impact the well-being of our children.

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