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My mission as a consultant

  • Providing educational consulting services for schools;


  • Identifying the areas for improvement;


  • Helping to co-design, implement and drive any changes that are required; 


  • Providing coaching and training for teachers


  • Developing and providing teaching and learning material.


Do I need an educational consultant?

A business leader can have many strengths and a lot of expertise. However, they are rarely experts in all areas. 

Their role is to identify their team's needs and devise an appropriate strategy to implement and achieve the required objectives.
"A leader with confidence is a leader who brings out positive changes in people." John C. Maxwell

If you would like to seek advice and expertise to lead a change, it could be advisable to engage someone who has been in your shoes and possesses the relevant professional experience and knowledge to help you navigate any uncertainty you may face.
Bringing in a consultant when working outside your area of expertise is a
great strategy and time-saving method.

Consultants have experience of many situations. Therefore, they   bring knowledge, fresh ideas, inspiration and expertise for you and your team.

How it works?

  • Meet with clients to discuss their expectations and their needs. 


  • Observe and discuss the client's current practices to determine problem areas that should be improved or positive practices that can be expanded. 

  • Develop recommendations for enhancements or changes.


  • Provide training in the areas of improvement. (a catalogue of training will be available shortly)



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