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Workshop 2 for Helpers.📆 15 of June.

Topic 2: Autonomy 🕙 10.30-12.00 pm "Supporting Children's Discoveries and Promoting Independence"

  • 65 Singapore dollars
  • 154 Watten Estate Road, 287607 SG


Autonomy is a critical aspect of early childhood development. Learning, understanding, and expressing autonomy are significant steps in early childhood education and development. Not only does it build independence, but it pushes children to understand that their choices and actions have outcomes. The benefits of child autonomy include: Developed sense of self Improved confidence Command over their minds and bodies Critical thinking support Self-motivation Increased responsibility. Your helper will learn to support autonomy by - offering children choices, -creating opportunities for autonomy, -giving them independent tasks, -respecting their opinions, -naming and validating their feelings, -letting them safely work through challenges.

Cancelation Policy

(For coaching sessions only). We operate a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel an appointment over 24 hours in advance you will not be charged for the missed session. After that timeframe, the session fees will still apply to the appointment as we have committed the time. We thank you for your understanding.

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